whose bright idea was it to create the word tomorrow?

the person that made up this scurrilous vocabulary demon is responsible for so much of my procrastination and subsequent unfinished tasks. 'three days from now', or '12 days from now', isn't as catchy as 'tomorrow'. in fact: "i'll do it one day from now" doesn't sound so hot either.

but tomorrow?

tomorrow is so seductive. when i say i'll do something tomorrow i really believe i will. i believe i will, even if i've put it off for four consecutive days. i believe i will, even though my very declaration of intention is also me reneging on the promise i made to get it done whilst in yesterday's tomorrow [otherwise known as today].

but's not so appealing.

today is like tomorrow's less attractive friend that has a major crush on you. you dodge its advances as best you can. you're a relationship've um...made a commitment who? um...tomorrow!

sorry, today.

you lose.

and tomorrow wins.

tomorrow wins because it has jedi mind tricked me into feeling comfortable about how inefficient i can be.

actually: if tomorrow were ever to roll around, it would be the longest day of my life. do you know how many things i have scheduled for tomorrow? my to do list would make oprah's cry.

seriously: i have so much to do one day from now.

but for now, i must sleep.


  1. love this and i know the feeling.

  2. Wow! Life is so dope when you think outside your habitat..Nice!!!!!

  3. loved "whilst in yesterday's tomorrow"


    you'll get it done..if not today...definitely tomorrow :)