this post is dedicated to those that are unable to take a hint.

i was at home this afternoon when a friend of my mother's came by to surprise her. my mum was out, so unfortunately the joy ended up being all mine. i'm pretty sure my first words to her were "himymumisn'there", but she strong-armed her way into the crib anyway, saying she didn't have my mum's mobile number [that's not an accident, lady!].

my mum has been trying to shake this woman for yeeeeeeears. she sat in my kitchen today and told me that she's been trying to get in touch with my mother, unsuccessfully, for months [hint hint!]. then she brought up those couple times she's seen me in the street but i didn't have my mother's number in my phone [who doesn't have their mother's number? hint hint!]. and she decided to come over unannounced because she thought that would be her best shot at catching my mother [um..take your own hint hints!].

the thing is that she isn't a horrible person. she's a tad 'touched', but she has a good heart. the problem is that she wants more from my mum than she's able and willing to give. i had to call my mother after the lady left my house to warn her about any calls from a number she doesn't recognise; and please believe me when i tell you that if she got such a call today: that ish went to voicemail.
but how long are they gonna play cat and mouse for?

this whole fiasco today got me thinking about persistent people in general. we all know someone that we don't really want to talk to anymore, but we don't know how to tell them. they haven't done anything to us, they're not bad people, we don't hate them. we just...well...we're just...well...not feeling them. so we click the x on their IM conversations [and block them in our more heartless moments. then we unblock them cos we feel bad. we're so weak!]. and we don't answer their calls, or respond to their e-mails/texts. and we cross our fingers, toes and ribs and just HOPE that they'll get the message. that they'll slink away quietly, reciting that reason, season, lifetime poem to themselves, and both of us will be able to move on with our karma in tact.

except some people just will not give up. your silence means nothing to them. how do you make silence speak loudly to a deaf person? well, you can't. but then, how productive is it to shout at a deaf person? isn't. so what do you do?

maybe i'm the problem. perhaps i'm too sensitive. maybe i am a quitter. maybe i've been living my life wrong all these years. perhaps three unreturned e-mails do not equal a request for space. perhaps the right thing to do is to hound someone. perhaps that's how you show them you care. what's the worst that can happen? they either break, and end up responding, or they file a skraining order on your ass. either way you've been acknowledged right?

cos this lady today, boy...she's like a dog with a bone. matter fact: she on that herpes, son!

"don't ever: everevereverevereverever come by here, ok?"


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  1. OH MY GOD I've been having the same problem with this one girl!! She calls me all the damn time and I never answer, and then she called AND left a message the other day but I didn't call her back. And then she instant messaged me and was like, why didn't you call me back? You should call me back. And I'm thinking YOU SHOULD TAKE A GODDAMN HINT