his name is:

andrew lowe

please remember it. remember it, tell someone else about it and then gloat when you see it splashed over posters in your town. i was put onto andrew via a soul culture e-mail, so thanks to ms. marsha for the heads-up.

but back to andrew.

he's a singer, a singer with a song. some voices tell stories not just through their words, but through their tone, through the subtle inflections they possess. andrew has one of those voices. he's unsigned, and he doesn't have a million myspace friends, but when his voice first bounces off your eardrums you know he's got it. he hails from newcastle, and looks set to join the current swarm of british singers taking over radio stations, stages and charts around the world. i could compare him to some artists you already know, but i think that might detract you from that which he owns uniquely.

so: visit his page and listen to his tunes; get mellow with the fellow.

i dare ya.

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  1. wow that's the second time today that I just discovered great music from another blog. Is he on iTunes? But anyways, one of my favorite bloggers was talking about a girl names Amel Larriux and she is just amazing