i called my dad to wish him a happy father's day and we ended up having an argument.

i'm beginning to think he likes them.

if so, i got him the perfect gift.

*crosses fingers*


  1. :D... Never hurts when a fathjer might just happen to like his daughter..

    He probably doesn't like you thoough..
    He loves you.. in his own way.

  2. awh . Hope your farthers day go well . Me and My farther argue to at the worse times often .

  3. i'm sorry, but i must laugh at this. i can't believe an argument happened on a national holiday ... at least you got him a meaningful gift, right?

    my dad didn't answer his phone...so i left a very descriptive message of what he could have heard hahaha then he called back 10 minutes later and made me repeat myself. ha!

    have a marvelous weekend!