perhaps she turned the volume down
perhaps her insides screamed too loudly for underdeveloped ears
cradling inner drums that had become numb from the vibrations
perhaps she turned the volume down
perhaps her heart's speakers blew from years of feedback and no giving back
causing her pulses to flick through all channels and settle on standby
perhaps she turned the volume down
perhaps her feet were tired of walking on rough terrain
longed for soft white sands resting on heaven and leading out to crystal waters
perhaps she turned the volume down
perhaps she ran from the remote and began to live remotely
vicariously through a lesser her, held together by anticipation of more of the same
perhaps she turned the volume down
perhaps her strength has been her weakness
perhaps it's time to grab hold of frequency and shake it until she can't let go
to run alongside elongated sound waves, jump over decibels
and dismount onto adamant faith, too flexible to break
perhaps, for her, this mute-iny of aural denial
is over.


"out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. i'll meet you there.
when the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.
ideas, language, even the phrase 'each other'
doesn't make any sense."

- rumi


they sell crack in 45p bags.

they sell crack in 45p bags.


"it is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations."

- khalil gibran


i could write volumes about love
it's the only thing i write about
remove all outergarments from my monologues
and there stands love: naked and brave
perhaps that's why i feel my bravest when i'm naked
love climbs trees, jumps off jagged cliffs,
dives down to meet ocean beds, and launches into space
just to keep moving
when i'm loving, naked and brave
my energy obeys its source and is just as kinetic
i jump to snatch kisses from the lips of lovers two inches taller
i cartwheel into embraces and vault into tender caresses
i bungee jump into me on top
i hang glide into 'this is your time, baby'
i could write volumes about love
remove all my outergarments
and there i stand: naked, brave, naked: love


"Les Sept Planches de la Ruse meaning The Seven Boards of Skill is the spectacular new work conceived and directed by Aurélien Bory. Based on an ancient Chinese game, the tangram, in which seven different shapes are manipulated in almost infinite combinations, the show demonstrates how geometry is capable of producing exquisite visual poetry.

On stage, seven giant, interlocking forms are assembled and manoeuvred with incredible agility, strength and cunning by fourteen performers from Dalian, China. As the performers climb, balance and vanish into voids, new images are created evoking abstract landscapes, terrifying ravines and skyhigh city towers, they are vivid metaphors for human experience."

- The Barbican Website

this was 75 mins of complete inspiration.