naturally 7

well...i kind of did.

it just so happens that train drivers decided to go on strike the day of the show. my friend, rah, and i set off just after 6pm needing to take only two buses to get to the venue, and to do so by 8:15pm. this journey would normally take just under an hour on the train, so two hours on the bus seemed reasonable. right? um...wrong.

we spent two hours on the first bus and travelled only four miles of our 10 mile journey. two hours. by the time we got to the bus stop to take the second bus, we were aware that the show had started. should we still make the journey or turn around and go home? we kept changing our minds, but our animal instinct took over at the sight of the second bus, and so we jumped on. we finally arrived at the venue as naturally 7 were singing their final song. of course they were so dope that everybody screamed for an encore, and so we got to experience that too. i sat there and wondered if it would have been better to miss the show altogether instead of get a glimpse of what i'd missed. i was so bummed.

after the show, we both went home, which took me another two hours. all-in-all i spent over six hours getting to, watching, and getting back from the naturally 7 show. and less than one of those hours was spent seeing them perform. if any train drivers are reading this then i want them to know that i hope they get run over by a crazed bicyclist and then trampled on by a million pedestrains wearing stilettos. ok, maybe just twenty pedestrians.

the crazy thing is that i still had dumb fun. why? because if i'm gonna miss a show with anybody, then rah is the person to do it with. [hold on a second...this is the 3rd time this has happened to us. we got to the roots show just before the end, we missed little dragon when they opened for q-tip, and now this. coincidence?]

but as i was saying: we had fun. the night went in three phases. first, we were both optimistic. second, rah got angry when we realised we wouldn't make the show [and i found her ire HILARIOUS]. third, we get to the show and it's so good that i get angry that we missed the first part [rah finds this HILARIOUS]. anybody that saw us that evening must have thought we were either gonna fight each other, or fight them. neither of us are a treat when we're mad, but we understand each other, and it's all in the name of love.

my highlight of the night was when, standing at the second bus stop, i sent her a gchat message from my phone to her blackberry that simply said:

we're not gonna make it :(

her response was um...rated r. i laughed super hard.

but she was certain that we would make it. even when i was sure all hope was lost, and was taking the journey for the hell of it, rah was positive that we'd catch something. we WERE going to make it, damnit.

and as we stumbled into the show at the tail-end i couldn't help but love her a llittle more. because she was right. we did make it.

and most importantly: we made it together.

see you next time, guys.

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