you ever wake up in a bad mood?

today i feel shitty. not just shitty, but actually pretty angry. like it wouldn't take much for me to snap at you today, and you probably wouldn't deserve it. like i don't feel like being nice to anyone today. it's so weird.

maybe it's because i slept in a room so messy that it looks like it belongs to someone with serious mental health issues. maybe i have serious mental health issues. maybe it's because i had a dream that an ex was cheating on me [me, him and the other woman were on a bus. he was sat between us. i pretended to nap. he promptly rested his hand on her leg. when i 'woke up' he kissed me and told me how much he loved me. ugh.] maybe it's because i'm so behind with the work i have to do, and so broke while i'm doing it.

maybe, maybe, maybe.

i try not to be a whiner, whinger, moaner: but today?

*whine whinge moan whine whinge moan cry whine whinge moan*


PLUS it's raining today.


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  1. I know exactly how you feel...