i upgraded to the nokia e71 a couple days ago. it's been out for a while, but it's new to me, so forgive me for feeling all hip and cool.

thanks to the nokia e-mail service, i now get buzzed everytime i receive a new e-mail [a la the blackberry] which i find uber convenient.


i have two gmail accounts that i've had synched up for a while. this meant that e-mails sent to both addresses landed in the inbox of the account i used more regularly. however i decided that the account i rarely log into is the one i should probably hook up to my phone as it has the more professional address. this means that i've had to synch up my e-mails from both accounts to the less-used one too, to ensure that i still receive the e-mails people send to the other one. you with me? good.

unfortunately, gmail has started bugging out and is e-mailing me ALLLLL old e-mails, pre mutual synchronisation, to both accounts. they're not coming through to my phone [thank god], but everytime i log in on the comp i'm met with at least 30, and sometimes 150, e-mails i have to delete.

it would be fine if i could always tell which ones were old, and therefore didn't have to open them, but they appear as new, as they've hit the inbox on that day.


here i am being forced to open e-mails from 2-3 years ago and relive my past. e-mails telling friends about the things i planned on doing, that i never actually did. e-mails telling friends about boyfriends being 'the one', when they weren't. e-mails to friends asking for advice when i was going through tough times. e-mails to friends that are no longer friends; some i miss, some i don't. it's like some effed-up version of that tv show, this is your life.

it's so annoying!

[in fact, i think i should add this to the list of reasons for my shitty mood today (please see post below)]

but back to the original point i was making: i have a lovely new phone.


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  1. my friend sent me a link to this blog and after reading a few posts i realize this is going to be the BEST DAY EVER for slacking.
    doing actual work = FAIL.