spam myspace messages annoy me. they annoy me so much that i can't leave them in my inbox; i must delete them. i then get even more annoyed because i have to put in the extra effort to delete them.

but every now and then i get a message that makes me laugh. every now and then i get a message that makes me think that some spam is worth receiving. here's one i got today:

"Hello Dear, and how are you? just going through your profile which looks very intresting and suites me as a man who deeaserves to be loved by a woman like you. My dear as you know what it takes to see and believe the write up of a woman that says she is looking to someone whom is honest, at this time i am and realy await to get you, and need to get close to you so as to know eachother too well.
I will be of a great man if chances can be giving out to me to make you happy and aswell complete the responsibility of a life time in this world. you are just 2good, 2be, 4gotten, and left behind. Baby, i will be glad to hear from you soon."

how's that free online translator working for you?

i'm assuming they wouldn't write these messages if they had a 0% response rate; so who is encouraging these folks? when you think about it, the crazies that reply are the real criminals. there's no supply without demand, my friend. i just can't imagine opening a message like the one above and hitting the reply button. then again, maybe i should! maybe i should write him and say something like:

"hello darling, i just want to gratitude your words for the laugh to my life. you pebbles my earth with your grandma. baby, i will be glad to hear from you soon."

but, i digress:

the best spam e-mail i've ever read has to be the one below that a colleague received at work. i liked it so much that i saved it and would read it on those stressful 9-5 days. it always gets a giggle out of me.

"Greetings the Friend!!!
I liked your structure on one of places for acquaintances, and I have made a decision to write to yours. Wash name Natalya. In me 28 years. I wish to speak at once to you, that I search for serious communications. I wish to find the one who wished to experience a long and happy life. I very cheerful and at me am a good comic genre. I wish to find much unique love and the true partner in life.

I wait that you will answer me, I ask you to write to this direction:

I am applied my photo and with pleasure I shall answer you if you will write to me. I shall wait your answer with impatience and I wait that you to not neglect my letter. It is thankful in advance, Natalya."


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