something i still haven't mastered in my 27 years is the ability to leave things alone.

i am that woman that calls someone when i know they're not talking to me, because i wanna work it out nooooooooow.

i am that woman that decides to change the shape of her eyebrows and plucks one hair too many..and then keeps plucking to even it up, meaning i look like i'm asking a permanent question. [hmm?]

i am that woman that tastes her food, thinks it needs a little bit of salt, then adds a little bit more, and a little bit more; until my meal tastes like salt with a side of food.

and this less-than-desirable trait of mine [of which i have many, people] is why the clip below, from the movie swingers, will always make me laugh my metaphorical arse off.

that is so me!

pray for your girl, to whichever god you believe in.


  1. and that's quite all right!! continue to be that girl, and 'booooo!!' to those who don't like it :D

  2. You think you have it bad? I cut my hair until Its even. I have really long hair and once i ended up with a bob. THANK GOODNESS it grew back because i didnt like the short edgy look lol

  3. I draw my brows on...