*begin rant*

what the cuff is up with people washing disposable plates, cups and cutlery?

they're disposable!

designed and in existence to be used once and thrown away.

you're supposed to buy them safe in the knowledge that you don't have to wash them.

i mean:

if you're gonna wash them anyway then use a real damn plate!

there is nothing more pitiful than witnessing someone washing a polystyrene cup.

..someone scrubbing gravy off a plastic plate whilst trying not to bend it.

..someone meticulously cleaning between the prongs of a plastic fork only for them to snap under the pressure.


just stop!

*end rant*


  1. lmao.
    i know somebody who rinses, dries and reuses.. paper towels.

  2. Haha. It's a recession, Miss Femi...

    --Actually, I've seen it too. But, old habits die hard, babe. People want to squeeze every penny out of something they've spent cash for.

  3. I was guilty of this until my husband called me out on it. I am cured! I promise. (Well actually I just stopped buying disposable dishes. So I'm kinda cured.)

    Love your hair cut in the pic BTW! DOPE!