los angeles, california

may 3rd - may 10th was one of the best weeks of my life. it didn't fly by, it didn't drag, it felt like it went at the exact pace a week should move. the week was full of revelations, celebrations and even a few complications; but they were all welcome.

i suppose a normal person would blog some kind of journal, a day-to-day rundown of pertinent events. they'd also share a whole bunch of pictures of all the crazy things they got into. of course i'm not normal, and so i've decided to blog seven entries, each exploring a different realisation i had whilst away. why seven? one for each day i was there.

...ok, you've twisted my arm, i'll throw a random pic on the back of each entry.

let's begin.



  1. YAY!!! LA how i love spoiled me so much with your great weather.

  2. girl, i need to be in the sunshine on a permanent basis. clouds and fog in london are not sustaining me!