myspace is like a ghost town right now. i was just checking my home page when tumbleweeds rolled by, carried by dusty winds.

i'm not leaving.

i'm one of those loyal members that continue to ride for the site, even though almost every new feature over the past couple years has been stolen from facebook, and therefore annoys the hell out of me. message me, comment me, friend request me. i don't need to know your status updates [hello twitter], and i certainly don't want to be your pet [this is flattering hoooooow?].

still: me and tom have history. it's on myspace that i learned that there were a million other weird, creative souls in the world that i could relate to. and although it seems many of my tribal brethren have flown the nest to inhabit twitter, facebook and various blog sites, choosing to leave their pages unattended and unloved, i'll be there at waiting for them with open arms when they return.

and they will.

they will.


  1. Ditto - I've never felt compelled to leave MySpace, but then, I had only ever joined because there were and are some amazing artists that I would have never heard of otherwise...I tried Facebook, bounced twice and the final time I deleted all friends, groups, applications to make it semi-permanent. And Twitter? Don't even get me started.

    But glad you're holding it down for Tom and it aint just me...

  2. i've ridden the wave of social networking...and i'm over it.

  3. my sentiments exactly.

    the twitter2 thingy is um...redundant! i've told myself i was going to close my acct a few times, but for some strange reason, i stay...

    buuuuuuut, if myspace doesn't work out, it's back to good ol fashion e-mail?. YT is ok for now as well. these days, it's really not that serious, but i don't think it's ever been for me. :-0

  4. why?
    why did facebook have to take my loyal following of blog readers away to a place that makes my teeth itch with irritation? a place where i have to know that christine is wearing red flats...christine is having a latte...christine is totally loving lil' wayne...christine is having salmon for dinner...christine says "goodnight facebook"...
    and twitter is just a miniature verson of facebook. since when is myspace no longer cool?
    ...granted i have a facebook. and a twitter. but i pray on the death of them both. oh yes, THERE DAY WILL COME...