song lyrics : aural epiphanies pt.1

you ever listen to a song, a song you know well, and hear a lyric that you've never heard before?

today my itunes was doing its thing and i was singing along to various random treats. the only apple app that i care for threw on one of my 'judge me if you must, but i like this shit' songs: brian mcknight feat nelly - all night long.

so i turn it up. and i dance. and i practise my runs alongside brian. and then nelly comes on. and i sing-rap with him:

# time don't mean a damn thing in this case / so unplug the clocks / and close the drapes #


um...unplug the clocks???

who the hell has plug-in clocks, nelly?

what are you thinking?

huh? what's that you said?

it's one of those alarm clock radio am/fm joints?

cos you're in her bedroom?

about to do her?

oh, i see!

damn, you're deeeep nelly.

i can't see why your last album didn't sell...

p.s. ^ that's not sexy ^

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