"there's no such thing as a coincidence"

we've all heard that before. i believe it to be true. and more than this, i find that there are times in my life when coincidences and deja vu happens really often. this is when i know that i'm in my spiritual groove.

when you go with, and not against, the nature of things...when you go with, and not against, the pull of the universe: things are just smoother. they're smoother and they make more sense. they make more sense and so you see the bigger picture. you see the bigger picture and so you begin to see how things connect. you see how things connect and so you become more present. you become more present and so you are more inclined to go with the nature of things. and so it goes around, intensifying and blossoming ad infinitum.

i had these moments so many times whilst in LA. i hope they stay with me in london. if they don't then i'll know i'm swimming against the tide.

miss chicken peeping under the door in search of her owner

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  1. Heard about your blog through another blog, I love to read them and just started my own, I agree with you on the whole writer thing; and girl you sure are wise to be so young, you go girl! keep up the good work.