you're sure to have seen the video of spec from pretty ricky dancing in his salmon hi-leg briefs by now. if not, then check out the moving image below.


blogs, message boards and twitter pages all over the innerweb world are proclaiming that spec is gay. shit, people are even telling him so on his own myspace page:
"ok dat was just gay what u did dawg u need to hang dat shit up". [sidenote: can i get some damn punctuation? wowie.]

spec, however, is defiant. he twittered [tweeted? twitterized? tweeterlated?] these sentiments:
"My video is for the ladies. I wanna kno why every wanna be real nigga watched my video!!! The whole thing!! So who's gay?? Lmfoa!"

lol @ the 'you watching me makes you gay' argument. didn't r kelly use that line of defense during his trial? "yeah i pissed on her, but you watching me piss on her makes you a pedophile, judge!"

but, believe it or not, i don't think spec is gay. and, believe it or not, i'm not posting this just to make fun of him. why? well, i still have a soft spot for the guy. see a couple of years ago i was assigned the task of following pretty ricky around for a few days for a magazine i was writing for. i wrote this article about my experience. now, of course i had to ham it up a little and get into my teenage girl mind; but truth is that spec and his brothers did grow on me like a harmless fungus. and for those that think spectacular is a gay name? blame his parents. both he and diamond [the only two in the pack of 13 siblings with the same mother] are using their birth names. yes. birth names. i know, it's a damn shame, but he can't be blamed for it.

over the four odd days that i observed these cats, using my journalistic, but mainly my anthropological talents, i was hit on by three of them. this ranged from innocuous compliments to being slipped hotel room numbers. in fact, the only one that didn't hit on me was slick'em.

so he's obviously the gay one!


oh, spec. my thoughts are with you, liccle bro.

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