sometimes i think god's expectations of humankind were too high when he made the decision to give us minds. i say this because minds can create and destroy with such force that at times i can feel blessed to the point of unworthiness, and at other times i can feel out of my depth.

i've begun working on my book. i'm making serious progress, progress that i should be patting myself on the back for; but today i found myself underselling my achievements to...errr...myself. i mean, i set myself targets to ensure i stay on track, and if i didn't meet them then you know i would have been down on myself with immediate quickness. so what about when i did not only meet my target, but i bettered it? turns out that's no big deal. it's whatever. it's nothing. cos see, i still have alllll this other shit to complete before i can even begin to congratulate myself.

sound familiar?

i'm sharing this because i think we have to give ourselves more credit than we often do. you're not going to achieve all of your dreams in one day, and who the hell would want to do that anyway [i've heard of making room in your calendar, but that's excessive]?

don't deny yourself the congratulations you deserve when you take those little steps. a dance is nothing without that first movement. everything is habit-forming, even brilliance. if you don't acknowledge your successes then it's gonna take longer for you to develop a healthy disposition to excelling.

tell your mind to get gone and bask in your triumphs. all of them.

today: i totally rocked.


  1. Wow! I just had to write "Thank You"....Well written and said!!!!!! Self reflection is alive and well..

  2. Very a, a, a female joel olsteen..damn thats deep..patting you on the back, and patting myself on the back...BOSS!