[may 29th 2009]

bilal feat. mos def & common - reminisce

in my blog post LA.4 i talked about there being no such thing as a coincidence. i also wrote that if i didn't experience a multitude of deja vu and coinkidink moments in london, i'd know i was out of step with the universe. well today it is this song, from one of my favourite singers, that has affirmed that i am in the groove. it started with a skype status message, travelled to my itunes, and then spoke on my friend's life. the words in the song and the way it just kept popping up in conversations and over my speakers throughout the day makes this my official song of the day.

honourable mentions:
billy joel - the longest time
peven everett - testin' me


  1. This is still a banger...nice choice!

  2. he is my favorite!!!! bilal is that dude.

  3. love this song.

    but you can never go wrong with bilal...or common for that matter.