[may 19th 2009]

amel larrieux - earn my affections

it dawned on me recently that amel larrieux is my favourite female artist. i've been a fan since her days with groove theory and my fandom has only grown as the years have rolled by. her jazz sensibilities mean that her riffs are second-to-none, and she can share a message without being preachy [take note, india.arie]. she has a new album coming out soon, and i'm gonna buy the CD. yes. the actual CD. i ain't bought a CD since 2006.

honourable mentions:
georgia anne muldrow - nothingness
amadou et mariam - kirikou

1 comment:

  1. yo sis seriously Amel larrieux is my favorite female voice...and my favorite song by her is "now you know better" i swear i listen to that so much.