my home was never religious. i got baptized at the age of four, and that was just so i could go to the local catholic school. that said, i went to that school up until the age of 11 and, when asked, would proudly declare that i was a christian. i stopped being religious not long before i left school. i was asking my teacher, a nun, some questions about some inconsistencies in the bible and instead of attempting to answer my questions she just kept telling me to 'have faith'. i didn't think that was good enough and so i decided i was through with jesus. as i've got older i've discovered that she wasn't so crazy after all. my appreciation for faith has grown tremendously over the past few years; i still don't do religion, but that's just me.

a few months ago a friend of mine suggested i pray. i frowned at his suggestion because i associated prayer with religion. as i said the words i surprised myself, it must have been sitting in my subconscious. i have been meditating for the past few years and this had become my way to pray, but the traditional idea of prayer had definitely taken a back seat since i stopped making the sign of the cross and touching palms.

when i shared my thoughts with my friend he told me that prayer could be anything i wanted it to be.
see, prayer is about intention, not form. meditaiton, visualisation, talking to the universe, whatever works for you. this past week in LA i flexed my intention muscle super hard and prayed more than i ever have before. snatching a 10 second prayer just to send light out into the ether, or thanking the universe for the sun, or hugging someone i love and wishing the best for them really helped to strengthen the good energy in my days.


thank you, god, for jamba juice
[please bring it to england]

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