i don't know what is going on with me right now, but a few days ago i was suddenly unable to use the taps in my shower. i turn them on ok, but when i try to go for more/less cold water i can't figure it out.

i spent 2 minutes just frowning at the silver creatures waiting for my common sense to find my brain, but no luck. so my only option was experimentation.

i be turning the knob to the left, i be turning it to the right, then i be turning it all the way on or off. so there i am, lathered up, going rapidly between freezing and scalding water as i try to find the perfect temperature. then i find it. *exhale* heaven.

but i'm a water-fiddler and it turns out i like to mess with the temperature balance at least 5 times during my cleansing [this is probably linked to one of my many mental disorders].

so a few minutes later i reach out to turn the tap and: damn! i've forgotten. now i've gotta start from scratch and go through the whole burn & freeze experience again.

i be stepping out of my shower clean and traumatised :(

i'm so scared of what tomorrow morning will bring...


  1. U are forever a hero unexpected in my vision, thoughts, soul & mind Femi.

    Perhaps we can put you in a pill for everyday consumption. :-D

    SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: Grand understanding, absorbing appreciation for what is, was & will be, A strong flare up of luhv for the unknown & instinctual path adherance, freedom & placidity.
    If side affects do not appear..., take another Femi pill for maximum affectivness. (LOL)
    U are so bangin' Femi..., LUHV!

  2. lmao @..."i be stepping out of my shower clean and traumatized :("