a friend and i were talking about the pros and cons of staying friends with exes. they felt one of the cons was that you can be tempted to have another tryst 'for old time's sake'. i've been there. you start talking, reminiscing, smiling, then you're kissing. it's happened to me once, but when the experience was over things just felt...wonky. i knew that i'd done something, i mean, i was there, but something about it felt like i wasn't there. like i'd sent my understudy onto the stage, like i'd called and asked my representative to attend the meeting because i was stuck in traffic. it was surreal. and afterwards, when the reality of it really sunk in, i wondered where i'd gone that meant that i made what felt like a bad decision.

you know where i was?

"old time".

see, when you do something for old time's sake, you have to mentally visit the "old time" time-frame for it to make any sense in the present time. get it? but while the man or woman you were 1, 2 or 10 years ago is living it up, where the hell are you? i'll tell you where you are: waiting for the regressive part of yourself to come back from the other dimension so you can shake your heads in unison.

it's one thing to do something because of the past, because perhaps you're in the habit of doing it [and even these things need to be challenged every now and then]. but to do something for the past? that must and can only be insanity.

it's like putting your socks on, walking around, then putting another pair of socks on because your feet were naked 10 mins ago. you're already covered, yo. now put your shoes on and get to walking!

don't ever look back.

freddie jackson - rock me tonight [for old time's sake]

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  1. Hmmmmm...interesting theory, quite valid on a number of levels :) Ah, Freddie Jackson! I bumped into that dude once in a NY hotel a few years ago - now HE needs to get out of the past (shakes head)