i left my job. or maybe i should say that my job left me. there was a restructure and the post i was covering as a temporary worker got deleted. boom, bap, pow! time to move on.

man, i hated that place; but as i walked out the door for the final time i knew it wasn't sooooooo bad. there are some people in that building that really care about me, and that have been really good to me. i definitely couldn't have travelled and lived the good life for the past few years without this job, so on balance it was always more blessing than curse.

still, i wasn't put here to push paper for the man. this is a perfect opportunity for me to connect with my purpose for real, for real. to be honest, i could've stayed, they wanted me to. they were trying to push other jobs on me up until a week before my departure, but something deep-down resisted and refused.

i guess we left each other.

the view of the office from my desk

my phone
[it's got my name on it]

my chair
[how ironic is this shit?]

the view from outside.

so long, old chum.

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