there's something about the sun that makes the day more exciting and any city more charming. when the sun shines in london, i find myself falling in love with it.

about a week ago i decided to get really quiet with myself, and tune into my internal signal. i wanted to do this so that i could live in a way that honours my innermost urges. you ever walk down the street, see something, double take, but don't stop? why not? even if we have nowhere to be, we let our minds keep our feet moving and disregard what our instincts were curious about. well, no mas.

as i walked through my favourite part of london today, buying shades and a dress i probably can't afford, i noticed how much more enjoyable everything is when you obey your innate desires. i made a spontaneous decision to jump on a bus, and ended up passing the royal exchange on my way to the bus stop. before i knew what was going on, my feet had changed my course and were taking me right towards it. see, the sun was beating down on the steps and i wanted a piece of that.

i sat on the steps, leaned back, closed my eyes and looked at the sun from behind my eyelids.


i even made a dirty, disease-carrying friend while i was there. as a rule, i hate pigeons, but they didn't bother me today. i was far too chill.

just sitting in the sun for no damn reason but to feel the sun was the definite highlight of my day.

try it. let your instincts lead you.

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