separated at birth?

i can't be the only one that's noticed the resemblance between and k-os.



they say everyone has a lookalike, and sometimes i wonder where mine is. it sounds pretty cool, that someone is walking around with your face, but in reality that is some scary ish. can you imagine going to the corner store to grab some milk and bumping into someone that has your exact facial make-up? you went out for milk, and now you're looking in some kind of twilight zone mirror all confused and fragile. it's enough to blow a hole through your spiritual ozone.

i don't know how i'd react if i happened to meet someone with my face when i was at the store. actually, i'd probably doo-doo on myself. then i'd pay for my milk and leave like ain't nuthin happened.

seriously though: if you're out there, and you have my face, don't be springing no surprises. write me a letter, send me a telegram, fan out some smoke signals. i need to be prepared.

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