if you know me then you know that my two favourite things to do are:

1. travel
2. see some good-ass live music

q-tip came to town and me and my friend, rah, found ourselves in attendance at the roundhouse. if you know me then you also know that i'm not a big hip-hop head [yeah, i said it!]. don't get me wrong, i love music and there's a lot of hip-hop that i love. i also grew up on 90s hip-hop and have a lot of affection for acts like heltah skeltah, mobb deep and the lost boyz; but don't be tryna get into deep conversations with me about quotes and samples and bios of emcees: i'm not that chick.

that said, i have seen some great hip-hop performances [common and kanye spring to mind], and i'm not adverse to a hip-hop show if i'm confident that there won't be 50 dudes on stage or a shooting. so when i heard that q-tip was coming to town, i was down, because i love the latest album. when i found out there was a seated section in the venue i was super-really down; cos mama old and i can't be standing for 5 hours at a time no more.

you know what was dope about q-tip? aside from the fact that i could actually understand what he was saying, i loved that you could tell he'd been doing this shit for years. he was such a professional, and not in that old and tired way. he ran around the stage, hopped on speakers, went into the crowd and got real funky, but something about him just said 'legend'. i had so much fun, and i was so impressed.

and um...he had casey benjamin AND robert glasper on keys. how the hell you gonna have casey benjamin AND robert glasper on keys? i mean, that's just greedy. and of course when it comes to mr benjamin you get more than just keys, as the vid below demonstrates.

i lost my mind when tip did certain tracks from the new album, and rah lost her mind when he did some classic tribe ish. all in all, he held us both down.

mr q-tip, i salute you.

and of course me being the intelligent person that i'm is, i managed to delete all the good pics from my camera during the process of transferring them to the comp. no matter though, there were still gems like the one below.

when self-portrait pics go wrong. smh.

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