raphael saadiq

i went to see raphael saadiq tonight. i saw him once in NY at one of the heineken soul series shows, but thanks to raheem devaughn [in his stupid purple cape and crown] going waaaaaaaaay over his time, saadiq only did about 20 minutes. tonight i was about 20 minutes late [bah!], but me and my friend, nevin, had a great night.

i cut a rug up in that place! nevin and i were doing impromptu 60s routines, two-stepping and twirling all over the place. it was like a dope episode of dancing with the stars, and i got top marks. by the end of the show i felt like i needed to be carried out on a stretcher.

and what about saadiq? he did just under 2 hours, but something about his show lacked substance for me. i don't know; maybe it's the way he unnecessarily dragged songs out for an extra 5 minutes because he wanted us to clap for him while he stood at the edge of the stage. maybe it's the slightly indulgent introduction to songs that merely delayed [and sometimes destroyed] the excitement you get when you hear the first few notes of a song you love. maybe it's the fact that he didn't do any songs from the ray ray album [am i the only person in the world that loves this record?]. maybe it's the fact that the last song of the night was his tribute to new orleans, big easy [um..mood killer much?]. maybe it's the fact that he didn't sing any of the songs that he's written for others. saadiq's body of work is RIDICULOUS, but his catalogue wasn't well-represented tonight.

that said, he had a nice energy on stage [his backing singers kicked major booty] and cracked some jokes between songs. he also called out president obama, saying that, like the president before him, he is going to ignore new orleans and the devastation that still persists. i don't think i've heard any words on the nola from obama, so saadiq might be right. i hope not.

anyway, i danced my ass off. i sung my heart out. i wish he'd sung tick tock or not a game, but the night was still a success. that's the way i see it.

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