holy burger, batman!

some people are up in arms about this vid [this is cooning! why are they singing about mickey d's when obesity is such an issue in our community?! how dare they sing about a multi-billion dollar corporation in a gospel stylee!].

really, people, it's not that deep. it looks like a bunch of sanging-ass friends were messing around and someone starting filming on their phone. i doubt the singer is seriously testifying about a cheeseburger and sweet tea; but his voice?

#bah dah bap bah baaaah: i'm loving it!#


  1. this has nothing to do with your post but i just had to let you know that you are WORKIN THAT HAIRCUT...I MIGHT JUST DO A POST ON YOU

  2. I love this! A group of friends, singing and having fun. Why do people need to be serious 24/7? There's always somebody that has to be a damn party pooper. Seems like the internet has a hoard of them.

  3. sad sad sad
    now i see why my little german sister says "europeans call america 'FAT AMERICA'"
    i told her... dont include me lol

  4. LOL, i actually loved it...something about choir-styled mickey d praises, makes me smile :)

    who wants to bet they'll get a commercial deal outta this ;-)

  5. where are you femi!?! come back!