so i've been on twitter for a couple of weeks now. my jury is still out on the site as a whole, but i have noticed something that worries me. i know the twitter update box asks 'what are you doing?', but some people use the site to the extent that their page resembles a stream of consciousness.

i think this ties into something that is much bigger than twitter. we children of generation I [for internet] seem to have crossed the line from demonstration into proof. we used to upload pictures to show people what we did, and now it seems we need a picture to show people that we really did do it.

the sad motto for generation I is: if it's not online, it didn't happen.

and for some people on twitter, that seems to go for their thoughts too.

we gon' need rehab, y'all.

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  1. yep...strange and interesting our generation is...but i've always been on the outside looking in so that's a normal perspective for me lol