are you like me? do you also think that something about kanye west and amber rose just doesn't ring true?

well it might have escaped your attention, but kanye has in fact spoken out about his budding relationship. not in an interview, no, he doesn't do those anymore. kanye put the details in a song, people. yes he did. allow me to direct your attention to the chart-topping single
Align Centre

"'cause it's louis vuitton don night/
so we gon' do everything that kan' like/
heard they do anything for a klondike/
well, i'd do anything for a blonde dyke/

and she'll do anything for the limelight/

and we'll do anything when the time's right/

uh, baby, you're makin' it/
harder, better, faster, stronger/
...don't act like i never told ya!"

of course! the best place to hide something is in plain sight. we've been trying to figure out the west-rose union when the answer was already in the ether. the answer was on our itunes. the answer was playing on mtv. we already knew. mmmhmmm...fakery!


  1. WOW, you put it straight out there. See what happens when you actually listen to the words of a song. You get answers answers and more answers....

  2. Very true & dare I say esoteric.
    We don't see the things that're right in front of our faces. Why are we so blind???
    Wanna hide something, put in a book, a song, plain sight.(the arrow in the Fed Ex(E->x)sign.-lol)

    That's why U are whom U are Femi..., "God thank U for this beautiful mind!":-D


  3. last time i heard this song i thought of his current. sounds like it to me. was wondering if it rang true to anyone else either.

  4. i totally agree with you! lol
    good eye femi

  5. hahaha yesss so freakin true, i heard those lyrics and said "hmmmmmmmmmm!" lol

  6. It's so true ever since she showed up those lyrics came back to me. Even if it is all a stunt for them to be working it like they are shows they're still a match made ennit

  7. PS I loved the way you matched the lyrics to the pictures lol

  8. I would have never guessed that! I never heard the song and I saw one pic of them and I thought it looked a little hinky. Good eye!

  9. the picture/lyrics combination is HILARIOUS!

  10. Thats a very strong observation and I see and understand exactly where you are coming!

    However I wouldn't deem such an observation factual..Kanye is known for painting vivid scenario's and for his tendency to extravating moments in his lyrics so If we take this One snippet as bond that would mean that we would have replay all four of his albums and condemn him for most of it's content! Kanye, in my opinion, is a Poet and a pioneer when it pertains to his genre, and painting scenarios is a poet's job!!

    But I love the observation and especially your blog!!

    Much Love :-)

  11. LoL. It's funny, I was listening to the song and I was like 'Ohhh, he's talking about Amber'... How romantic, doesn't every girl want to be called a blond dyke?