the blue bird finally got me.

me: the book is done. now i have to publicise it. i'm terrible at such things, this isn't the funnest part.
friend: have you at least told your regular blog readers about it?
me: yeah. it was done in a half-arsed fashion though. i actually have a few things to tweak before i can push it properly. but i'm not 100% sure how to make it twork after i've tweaked.
friend: well where are you gonna post about it?
me: i would say that i'll start with myspace, but posting anything on there is like talking in a cave these days. nuff echo. where the hell is everyone?
friend: twitter.
me: :-(
friend: you really should get on twitter. stop being stubborn and just move with the times.
me: sigh. i know.

*hangs head in shame*


*snot bubbles*


  1. i was the same way about twitter till a few weeks ago

  2. congrats on your book!!!...but idk if i can join already addicted to enough stuff lol

  3. hey, fresh blog check out mine as well> Dem YoungEntertainment>

  4. No doubt, congrats on the book sis! Still laughing at your post on twitter (still seems strange saying that, lol)

  5. Yes-yes. Tweet-tweet. Glad of it.

  6. congrats, sis. keep aiming towards your goals. i'd like to read the book . and embrace twitter , it is actually quite beneficial if you follow the appropriate tweeters . :-]

    much peace..

  7. ahhh
    I love you, Im sitting at my desk waiting for the book
    i feel into the pit also

  8. i hate twitter. i hate twitter. i hate twitter. unfollow me i don't tweet anymore

  9. be on it...but not OF it (thats my secret...if i can help it)

    *patiently waits for book*