i am very much a fan of google. be it blogspot, e-mail, calendar, maps or their sexy analytics, i rep google to the def. and while others are happy to use yahoo or ask, i will only use the google search engine.

no others, no way.

hoooooooooowever: can i talk about the lovely search engine found at

type in your choice of words and this internet hoover will return links from youtube, twitter, digg, delicious, and much more; including the google, yahoo and search engines. and it doesn't just throw them in some kind of css heap on your internet floor. oh no. addictomatic places them in orderly sections and lays them at your happy, toe-tapping feet.

so now i use two search engines.

one other, yes way.

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  1. Hmm, I will have to try this addicto-thingy. I too am a Google fan and have refused to use another search engine...thanks for the info!