elin and tiger woods

i know that everybody is talking about tiger woods, his 15+ mistresses and his possible lovechild, but i want to talk about his wife, elin.

see, women have this thing called intuition. every woman reading this has had that pang in the guts when something doesn't feel right. we notice things, and more than that, we feel things. things not seeming right logically is one thing, but if things don't feel right then we don't care if it's logical or not.

a wife having no clue that her husband is cheating on her with another woman is one thing; but 15 women? this woman's guts didn't pang, her left knee didn't hurt, her nose didn't itch over none of these 15 women? she must have known on some level. as all of the drama unfolds we see that tiger is not that slick (no one is), and left far too much of a trail for him not to be caught. that's if she wanted to catch him, and i don't think she did. perhaps she knew and never said anything to him. perhaps he knew she knew, but they had an agreement that he would be discreet. but my guts are panging about this story because something doesn't feel right to me.

i believe that the physical abuse elin dished out to tiger (which i don't co-sign) and her filing for divorce are related to her embarrassment because now everyone knows. it's either that or she is the most naive, disconnected from self, woman that ever walked the planet.

so get your money girl, but please get your gut good too.


  1. True point! Great post, women have a strong intuition whether they want to ignore it or not, you can't ignore the pang! All we can do is watch the numbers rise...

  2. lol yes mad true.... women ALWAYS KNOW.

  3. I agree and disagree. Maybe she didn't WANT to realize it.
    Last November my mom got married to this great guy. In August she had a feeling that "something wasn't quite right" and discovered an e-mail inbox of his where he had been corresponding with men via Craigslist and making plans to meet up with them etc..... After it was all said and done we were like, oh yea there was that one time that I thought maybe this or I always kind of suspected that one time... the truth is if you don't WANT to see it then you will tell your growling intuition to shut the eff up.

  4. pErOxidE pOisOning - kills thE nErvE Endings ;)

  5. We know. I knew and I fipped.
    I'm utterly bewildered as to how she didn't suspect and furthermore where she found the belly to take it. Tiger Woods, like most men who cheat, ain't THAT smart.