so, here it is: the cover.

*the crowd ooohs and aaahs*

this process has been one beautiful headache; and it's not over yet. i always thought writing the book would be tough, but it does not compare to the editing process. lawd, i am not qualified for this! still, when it's published on july 29th, i'ma be like: damn. i really did this. and then the world is in trouble, cos i'll be wanting to do more.

due to my employment status [the status being that i have no employment], i can't lay out the money required to get the book printed. a couple of weeks ago i was close to giving up on publishing it at all, and then [after an emotional experience that i've detailed in the book] i decided to publish as an ebook instead. you gotta roll with the punches right? i'm trying to make lemonade up in here!

publishing this book is a big step for me. i don't think i've ever been so honest about myself or my life, perhaps not even to myself. old foes will be able to read this book and take pleasure in some of the things they read, that's how open i am in these pages. but i'm fearless in general these days. fearless and imperfect, and this time next week i'll never again be able to pretend that i am anything different. how liberating.

i know that everyone that says they are going to buy the book won't do so. that's ok; the well-wishes mean a lot to me. in some ways i don't care if i sell one copy; the riches ultimately come from what i've put into, and not just what i get out of this text. but, to memorialise the kindness of those that do take the extra step and part with their money, i have decided that the first 9 people to purchase the book will be listed in the acknowledgements when the book is printed. and not just the first edition, but any that are to follow.

if you began reading my blogs on this blogspot a few months ago, have been reading my blogs for the past few years on myspace, or if you just stumbled across my page today and like the way i put these words together:

july 29th 2009.

all is well.



  1. Femi - this is good. And I'd like you to be one of my heroes - true talk ( Let me know if you're interested...and, I've already thought up of a Hero status for you :-)

  2. Congratulations on completing your book. That is awesome.


  3. Love it! That's whats up! 1.5 days to go. I'm definitely gonna support. Congratulations! Much love. Peace...

  4. @ eccentric nature

    check blog post one.hundred.eight :)

  5. Congratulations to you!

    I really dig your blog. It's fresh.

  6. good luck!

  7. yayyyyy im happy for you! thats a HUGE step, ive always wondered if i could do such a big thing...
    id love to check it out