maxwell and i have been married for 14 years. he doesn't know anything about it, but i'm happy to report that it's been the most successful relationship i've ever had. we don't talk [because he doesn't know that i exist], and so we don't fight. it's a peaceful, loving [one-sided, but no less potent] relationship. heaven.

embrya, his least popular album, is my favourite. it's one of my favourite albums full stop. i like, totally get it. and i guess i thought this meant that i understood him, that if he was standing in front of me i'd do the fingerpoint to eyes gesture signalling that we're >here<

i really wanted to like this new album. i liked the cover and i really wanted to love the music too. i really did. god knows i attacked all of my friends that spoke ill of what i was sure would be a masterpiece. because um, it's maxwell, people! even if it doesn't blow you away, it's still maxwell and it will still be hot and definitely worthy of heavy itunes rotation. i was certain.

but um...



  1. give it a few listens it will grow on you. listening in the car I really vibe to it. Also you can't have him he's mine.

  2. Don't worry this album is short because maxwell actually made so much music that hes finished his next three albums. This first one is suppose to be more moody and emotional over a girl I guess then the next is more soulful, while the last is more of dancing. So don't lose faith, and this album is pretty good once you give it some time. Have a lil faith in you man :)

  3. aw man damn femi. can't rock with you on this one. I left work (w/o clocking out) to drive allll the way to Best Buy to get the album 9on 7/7). I love #1,3,5,& 6. The other 3 (I was initially questioning the number of tracks)...ehhh. But all together they make something, something that I think bridges 7 years of absence and the memory of someone who has changed as a man and artist. I don't even think it's fair to judge it as an individual piece as it is preempting 2 more albums...Bad Habits alone is enough to remind me why I love Maxwell, shoot.

  4. lol. i was waiting for this...
    if you don't instantly like has to take time. i'll admit that.
    and plus its short. 9 tracks? Hmm.

    musically its really dope (i.e. the instruments used).

  5. what's funny is my other friend actually made a post about this album too.

    It's beautiful