the first time i saw this movie was a complete accident. i was at home, bored and channel surfing when i stumbled across it. i think i stopped flicking and decided to watch it, not just because i was interested, but because i was too lazy to keep flicking.

i could not have predicted that this movie, released in 1945, would touch me the way it did; and that it would leave me with some wholewheat multigrain food for thought. i knew immediately that it was a movie i wanted to own and so i began searching for it everywhere, but to no avail. it's not one of those old classics that you can find in your local video store, so i turned to the interwebs hoping to find a copy. i did find it, but the people selling it on amazon and ebay wanted hundreds of beans for it [how about no?]. after more than a year of intermittent searches i accepted defeat and told myself that this movie would have to find me instead...and it did!

some lovely person has uploaded the whole movie to youtube, along with a heap of other old movies that i look forward to getting into when i find the time. i curled up on my sofa and watched the enchanted cottage one afternoon last week and fell in love with it all over again.

it's hard to explain why i love this movie so much without giving the entire plot [and the special, beautiful, magic moment] away. so i will just say this: what we think and believe about ourselves is what ultimately shapes our experience in and of this world.

to reference my myspace page: think peace, hold hope, speak love.

click here to watch the movie

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