as the years pass, and everything continues to change, i am becoming more opposed to defining my life in terms of what i do. i have been many things in my 28 years [cashier, receptionist, administrator, management information assistant, service development officer, manager, publicist, journalist...], and i have wanted to be many more things.

that's life. it moves, it breathes, things are born and they die, be they professions or dreams. and so this question, "what do you do?", is outdated to me. it doesn't necessarily tell us anything about someone that points to who they are, or who they will be in the future. i know that i'm a writer, and that i'd like to be able to feed myself from my talent, but when i'm asked what i want to do with my life i don't see myself in front of a computer, or with pen and pad in hand. i see myself in the sunshine, running on a beach, laughing with friends, and lots of other hedonistic things.

i'm know i'm over-thinking this. i know that when people ask "what do you do?" they are not asking you to sum up your existence for all eternity, but still, the romantic in me wishes the only valid answer to this question was "live."


  1. i live for this post. because i feel the EXACT SAME WAY. a friend of mine told me to stop being so honest about my situation - and act like i already have the richest and fortune brought upon me by my amazing talents... when i know that would be dishonest. i think the true mark of an artist is how honest they are and how unafraid they are to expose the truth, even if ugly. i commend you my capricorn sis! here's to US.

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  3. In essence, I too feel that the only valid answer to the question to "what do you do" was "Live".