i'm always so humbled when anyone sends me a message or e-mail full of positive energy. i have my moments where i feel like i'm the shit [as we all should], but if anybody ever tells me that they feel i'm good at what i do then it knocks the silence into my mouth at once.

so imagine how speechless and unworthy i felt this morning when i received this link from the lovely rebekah, telling me that i am the first person to feature in her 'isn't she fly' series on her blog. and as if being featured wasn't enough, she wrote these words about me:
"...She was definitely one of the first bloggers that inspired me to create my own...I was moving which caused me to lose most of my pens and throw away most of my paper. I stopped writing for such a long time where I didn't have much inspiration. I lost the drive, based on change of location I pretty much forgot about writing. I was focused on so many other things I could care less about writing anything down. But when I discovered Femi's blog I was in awe with everything she had to say, I fell in love with her words and anything that had to do with her thoughts..."
as a writer who writes just to save my own life, i am truly honoured that my words would encourage someone to pick up a pen. rebekah, you have made my day. sending big love your way :)



  1. 132 followers for a very good reason!

  2. I agree with Ms. Reyes

    thank you Femi!