i've started writing so many blogs and have then deleted them for one of, or a combination of, the following reasons:

a. it'll take too long to write
b. it would sound better if you heard it, as opposed to read it
c. i don't think anyone will care about the content
d. it's too private to share

what kind of blogger does that make me? yes. a crap one.

perhaps my blogging days are behind me :-/


i gotta figure this shit out!


  1. i think i have 42 drafts and 3 posts, lol.

  2. sometimes its like that. it's hard to write for an audience.

  3. I feel you, my blog has gone through numerous makeovers and blogging has definitely been tough. But I keep a small notepad and pen wherever I go in case I get a idea or get inspired when I'm not in front of the computer.

  4. How true. Im new to blogging but Iim trying to use it like a diary.
    Maybe because im still new.
    Then again, ask me in a few months time.