to be your woman

i’d run on glass

barefoot and proud

i’d eat fire

laced with chillies picked from my garden

where the flowers grow wild

in homage to the freedom love provides

i’d destroy brick walls

with only my will

to demonstrate my staying power

then build them ten storeys higher than they stood

to demonstrate my commitment

to being better

to be your woman

i’d cry all the tears you gave me

save them in a glass jar

blown by an old man in china

that has been around the world as many times as i have dreamt

how your lips must taste

and keep that jar in a safe

under your side of the bed you do not sleep in

but will once you discover

that i have made a space

in my everything

for you to call home

and placed the key

on the soft side of the moon

for you to collect

in exchange for your fear and caution


as soon as you can

please run through our front door

rest your cheek on my breast

carry me to our garden

lay me down on the wild flowers

as your woman

and provide the freedom

i know

is found



your love