youtube has become so soulless these past couple years. ever since corporate america got on board it has increasingly become less and less relevant. the amount of videos with embedding disabled drives me nuts, sometimes i can't watch videos because i'm in the wrong region, and that new search results page is abysmal.

but then something came along to restore my faith in the site. something came along and put the you back in youtube. this video is a year old, and with a million hits it's obviously well known, but this really did make me wail. her name is t-baby...

dead @2:20 when she loses the timing.

my favourite comment on the video? "she look like don cheadle in a wig" she really does!

and it ain't over...

one of the newer youtube features that can uncover some gems is the video response. lol @ this dude:

oh i can't breeeeeeeeeeve! i love his face at the end too.

thank you youtube.

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  1. hahahaha@the guy singing making the song sound good.
    and did i tell you blogspot is like my new fave. :)