ray lamontagne

i bought tickets to see ray back in october and after four months i was there, in a room with the man that owns my favourite voice in the world.

otis redding is hands down the best singer my ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing, but ray...ray is second. i'll never get the chance to hear otis redding live, so it was such an honour to witness ray's brilliance in person.

it might sound corny, but there were moments when hearing his voice i just knew that everything was right in my life. times when i had to hold back tears because his voice just cut me open. the depth in his tone is incredible. it's almost like you can lay inside the notes and sleep until your heart is replenished.

while he was singing let it be me i had this thought: "what would i have done if ray didn't decide to share his voice with the world?" it hit me that it is so important for us to follow our dreams, for us to do the thing that we were really put here for. we don't just have to do this for us, but because there might be someone out there in the world that needs that song, movement, poem or painting from us. that our gift might be exactly the same shape as the piece missing from the puzzle of another. and that we might change them and heal them without our knowledge, but all the blessings would still be ours.

so if my favourite artist that i do not know is out there, i ask you to make yourself known.

you might be just what i need.

ray lamontagne - shelter


  1. i love nestling in the warmth of songs. they say everything in life is just just appears to be one of those very felt vibrations.

    and yes, we all need to start living our potential.

  2. THANK YOU for sharing this! i love ray lamontagne's voice. i happened upon his album in a virgin store in chicago oneday and picked it up just because of the album art. i never regretted that decision.

    his story is crazy. i've never thought about it that way...the thought you pose reminds me of this line in maxwell maltz's "creative living for today": "not only is it our potential to build meaningful lives, it is also our obligation to ourselves."

    i've always felt that i couldn't be happy unless i was working within my passion and my purpose. for me, the two are not necessarily one and the same, but very, very closely related.

    we all are what someone some point or another.

    thanks for the reminder.