well, i guess i don't have anything to say.

or rather, i guess the internet is not where i like to speak these days.
no twitter, facebook, or myspace in my life. and although this blog is sitting here, i don't use it. even writing this entry feels strange. who am i talking to? i feel a tad crazy.

i've had some amazing things happen to me since i stopped posting my thoughts and feelings online. i've had great days, and evenings, with friends; i've started some new hobbies; my health has improved significantly; i've received hand-made gifts from friends overseas; i've read some incredible books; i've reclaimed lost memories; i've reclaimed lost art; i've met someone...someone very special.

and yet i haven't posted about any of it. i haven't wanted to. i haven't even thought to. if the brilliant things that i've experienced haven't resulted in a blog post, then i have to accept that nothing will. when i shut my social networking pages down i wondered why this blog survived, and what i would do with it, but i haven't really done anything. [again, who am i talking to? this feels so narcissistic and weird.]

ah well, public internet expression served me for 6 1/2 years. it started with black planet [i know], and it ends here. 

time to take a bow.

exit stage left.

say goodbye to whoever i'm talking to.



  1. ah're such an eloquent writer; I've enjoyed reading your blog, but I'm glad that you've found a fulfilling life offline. I wish you all the best. <3

  2. I will miss your writing so very much but I am very happy there is so much real life happening for you now.

  3. awww good bye dear friend. you will always be jo anthro super hero extraordinaire in my book. may you be blessed in all your endeavors. MUCH LOVE SIS.

  4. i'm very glad for you!...i only have one request: could you let your texts online? because it's always a great pleasure to read them!!

  5. don't goooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  6. o no!! this really makes me sad...

    I mean I'm happy that you are enjoying life...which means you took valuable time out away from the eWorld to live. That's incredible.

    I'm sad because I really do enjoy your blog. I don't comment as much as I should but I do read often...

    I'd hate to see you go...but if you must...goodbye. = (

  7. I feel the same way sometimes..but must say maybe try ducking only temporarily..? bc you are good at what you have a very interesting checking out your latest posts!

  8. fEmi.
    this is clEArly A vEry bElAtEd cOmmEnt :)
    yOU ArE A tAlEntEd writEr & thOUght-prOvOking philOsOphEr... A rEAl inspirAtiOn.
    i gEt yOUr dEcisiOn tO Exit stAgE lEft frOm thE virtUAl wOrld. AbsOlUtEly. bUt i dO hOpE thAt yOU cOntinUE tO writE And shArE yOUr wOrds & spirit.
    mOrE bOOks plEAsE!!